2019 Individual Director election and Bylaws amendment results

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2019 Individual Director election and Bylaws amendment results

Jonathan Bryce
Hello everyone,

The 2019 election of Individual Directors has closed. Results are available at the following link:


The Bylaws amendments have now been passed by the Individual Member class. The elected and appointed directors will be seated at the Board meeting at the end of January.

Congratulations to our new and returning directors. We actually had the highest number of voters for any of our elections participate this year, so thank you to everyone for joining in the process.


Individual Directors
Tim Bell
ChangBo Guo
Sean McGinnis
Prakash Ramchandran
Allison Randal
Egle Sigler
Monty Taylor
Shane Wang

Platinum Directors
Alan Clark
Ruan He
Anni Lai
Mark McLoughlin
Chris Price
Imad Sousou
Brian Stein
Ryan Van Wyk

Gold Directors
Mark Baker
Johan Christenson
Robert Esker
Clemens Hardewig
Arkady Kanevsky
JunWei Liu
Vijoy Pandey
Joseph Wang

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