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Guillaume FORTAINE


Let me introduce myself : Guillaume FORTAINE, Cloudpreneur.

First of all, I would greatly appreciate to invite you to a reading of the blog post entitled "Death of the Pure IaaS Cloud" [0].

On my side, I am currently exploring PaaS platforms, especially the ones that are multi-tenant [1].

That's why, I would like to inform you of the CompatibleOne project. To quote [2] :


-Provide a feature-rich, industry standard cloudware to build
applications on the cloud
-Multi-tenant platform (deployment, application execution)
-Abstraction layer allowing its utilization through high-level
services such as relational and post-relational storage, as well as
synchronous and asynchronous communication and documentation

and I would greatly appreciate to have your comments about this one,
if possible, please.

I look forward to your answer,

Best Regards,


Guillaume FORTAINE
Tel : +33(0)631092519
Mail : gfortaine at