[Diversity] Diversity & Inclusion WG Meeting Reminder 11/5

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[Diversity] Diversity & Inclusion WG Meeting Reminder 11/5

Amy Marrich-2
Just a reminder we will be meeting Monday, November 5 at 19:00 UTC in the #openstack-diversity channel. Remember this is 1 hour earlier due to the time change. If you haven't participated yet in the meeting time poll yet please do so (https://doodle.com/poll/5fbg4uhsemgctqrx)

OpenStack Summit - lunch, speed mentoring, group me, Night Watch Tour outing
Survey - update

I will be sending out a separate email, but if you would like to be added to the group me or would like to go on the Night Watch tour (Wed 10pm - http://baerentouren.de/nachtwache_en.html) please let me know.


Amy (spotz)

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