[Diversity] [OffTOPIC] OpenStack Diversity Survey - ends Feb 28

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[Diversity] [OffTOPIC] OpenStack Diversity Survey - ends Feb 28

Amy Marrich-2
This is the last time the Diversity and Inclusion WG is asking for your assistance for our current survey in collecting data in regards to diversity. We will be closing the survey on February 28th, 2019 in order to start compiling the data.

We revised the Diversity Survey that was originally distributed to the Community in the Fall of 2015 and reached out in August with our new survey.  We are looking to update our view of the OpenStack community and it's diversity. We are pleased to be working with members of the CHAOSS project who have signed confidentiality agreements in order to assist us in the following ways:

1) Assistance in analyzing the results
2) And feeding the results into the CHAOSS software and metrics development work so that we can help other Open Source projects

Please take the time to fill out the survey and share it with others in the community. The survey can be found at:

Thank you for assisting us in this important task! Please feel free to reach out to me via email, in Berlin, or to myself or any WG member in #openstack-diversity!

Amy Marrich (spotz)
Diversity and Inclusion Working Group Chair

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