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Renato Serra Armani
Hi everyone
It is my first e-mail. My name is Renato S. Armani and I'm from Brazil.
Since august with some folks from python brazilian comunity, and from other companies and initiatives here in Brazil we started to test openstack.
Soon as possible we will get more know-how and I'll be glad to contribute highly with the Openstack community.

My first question is:

Today we are trying to install Openstack over Ubuntu using the scritpt from the Openstack Manual (git clone git://

My question is about the version of this git file.
I checked out the version using "sudo nova-compute version list" and the displayed version is the "2012.1" researching on the web I understood that this version is related to the ESSEX release and not releated to the Diablo release that supposed to be 2011.3.

I'm a little confused about it because I'm not understanding why is not the DIABLO release instead the ESSEX in the official script?

I'll appreciate if anyone can explain this for me?

Best Regards,
Renato S. Armani
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