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Meetup Pro Update

Ashlee Ferguson
Hi everyone,

We have officially begun the process of moving groups to our new Meetup Pro account! 

This Pro account will allow us to take the financial burden off of local User Group organizers, while still allowing them to maintain the groups, as well as allow us to keep groups running in the event that the main organizer steps down. Since the Foundation will be paying $15 USD/month for each User Group that joins the Meetup Pro account, we’d like to make sure they’re an Official group, or at least actively meeting (at least 5x per year), since the portal isn’t entirely up to date.

Next Step:
If you are the designated main organizer on your User Group’s Meetup account, and your group is “Official,” or uses Meetup to organize at least 5 meetings a year, please email me directly and include a link to your Meetup page. I will follow up with instructions for how to join the Pro account.

We will also be having another Community Leadership Planning session in Berlin similar to the Forum session during the Vancouver Summit, so I hope to see you there if you’re coming to the Summit! If you have any specific topic you’d like to discuss during the session, please add it to the etherpad.


Ashlee Ferguson
OpenStack Foundation

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