Nova Controller Node / dual network config

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Nova Controller Node / dual network config

Outback Dingo
Ive used the scripted installation from

all seems to have worked fine, now im trying to decipher the following

1) controller has two GigE nics - Id like to use one for the public side,
and one for private

for the  Public, Internet access and communications to the XCP nodes
for the private 10.10.X network, swift images, glance, backups

so basically the XCP hosts all also have 2 nics one for public access, and
id like to use the other for storage on say 10.10.X.X network

question is how to configure the controller node for this scenerio?

2) XCP and OpenStack integration

this document states

XenServer requires a nova-compute domU to run on the hypervisor in order to
inject images into the VHDs. Nova-compute is the worker for the Hypervisor.
It pulls jobs and applies them to the hypervisor it resides on. It's
required to run on the hypervisor because it utilizes /sys/hypervisor.

Meaning..... I need to install nova compute right on the XCP DomU ?? not in
a virtual instance ? is there a decent guide to achieve this on XCP which is
CentOS based?? as the guide above appears to be debian apt-based
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