[OSSN-0085] Cinder configuration option can leak secret key from Ceph backend

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[OSSN-0085] Cinder configuration option can leak secret key from Ceph backend

Brian Rosmaita-2
Cinder configuration option can leak secret key from Ceph backend

### Summary ###
This vulnerability is present only when Cinder has a Ceph backend
*and* the ``rbd_keyring_conf`` option in the Cinder configuration
file is set.  (The option is unset by default.)  Under these
circumstances, the keyring content may be leaked to a regular user.

### Affected Services / Software ###
Cinder, Pike, Queens, Rocky, Stein, Train

### Discussion ###
When the ``rbd_keyring_conf`` option is set, a user who creates a volume
and then does a local attach of that volume using the Cinder REST API,
may discover the keyring content for the Ceph cluster.  (This does not
apply to the normal Nova attach process.  The user must contact the
Cinder REST API directly for this exploit.)

If this user then gains access to the Ceph cluster independently of
Cinder, these credentials may be used to access any volume in the

This issue was reported by Raphael Glon of OVH.

NOTE: This issue is different from OSSA-2019-003, through which Ceph
credentials could be leaked from the Nova REST API during error
conditions, but we suggest you take this opportunity to review that
security advisory and make sure your system has been updated or patched
to address it:


### Recommended Actions ###
Any installation currently using the ``rbd_keyring_conf`` option should
immediately stop using that option.  In order for Cinder backups to
continue working, the Ceph keyring secrets should be deployed directly
on cinder-backup hosts in their standard location:


The ``rbd_keyring_conf`` is deprecated in the Ussuri release and will
be removed early in the 'V' development cycle.  There is no replacement
planned for this functionality.

### Contacts / References ###
Author: Brian Rosmaita, Red Hat
This OSSN : https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/OSSN/OSSN-0085
Original LaunchPad Bug : https://bugs.launchpad.net/cinder/+bug/1849624
Mailing List : [Security] tag on [hidden email]
OpenStack Security Project : https://launchpad.net/~openstack-ossg

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