October 24 OSF Community Mtg: StarlingX First Release

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October 24 OSF Community Mtg: StarlingX First Release

Claire Massey
Hi everyone,

For the upcoming OpenStack Foundation Community Meeting[1] we will focus on the StarlingX project and edge computing. 

Please join us on *October 24 at 8:00am PDT* for a StarlingX community on-boarding webinar that's scheduled to coincide with the first release for the StarlingX project. Ian Jolliffe and Bruce Jones will lead the project on-boarding presentation followed by Q&A. Please mark your calendars and plan to join us. Meeting link: https://zoom.us/j/112003649

More information and news around the StarlingX first release will be shared on October 24. In the meantime you can learn more and get involved with StarlingX though theses channels:
• Website: starlingx.io
• Git: git.starlingx.io
• Freenode IRC: #starlingx
• Mailing Lists: lists.starlingx.io


[1] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/openstack-community-meeting

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