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Ashlee Ferguson
Hi everyone,

It's time for the OpenStack User Survey!  In an effort to create less work for our community, in 2018 we moved to an annual, rather than a bi-annual report.  If you run an OpenStack deployment, now is the time to share details about how you run the software and your thoughts on ways that the community can improve the software. Your feedback matters and it's shared directly with the PTLs and community leaders that work to build OpenStack!

We had some good community feedback on the last survey and ended up with only minor updates from 2018.  Below you can see a list of changes that we've incorporated:
  • "Which new/emerging technologies are you interested in using or seeing integrated with OpenStack?"

    • Added options for "AI/ML" and "5G"
  • Deleted the question "Are you interested in helping our interoperability efforts by using RefStack to test your cloud capabilities?"
  • "Which tools are you using to deploy / manage this cluster?"
    • Added the word "manage" to the question as tools can be used for both
    • Add "TripleO" and "Container-based orchestration" as options
    • Created a new "Please specify" if "Other tools" is chosen
  • "Which container orchestration or Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) tools are you using to manage applications on this OpenStack deployment?"
    • Added "container orchestration or " to question
  • "Which OpenStack Network (Neutron) drivers are you using?"
    • Add Calico as an answer
  • "Which compatibility APIs does this deployment support?"
    • Added the option "This deployment doesn't use compatibility APIs"
  • Please note: This year, we will not be including the hardware and software vendor questions in the report or analytics dashboard due to the potential for the data to be misinterpreted.

The survey will take less than 20 minutes. As a token of our appreciation, all participants qualify as an Active User Contributor (AUC) and receive a discount to the upcoming Open Infrastructure Summit.  

Complete your User Survey by Thursday, August 22 at 11:59pm UTC.

Complete the survey now:

Thanks for taking the time to complete this!


Ashlee Ferguson
OpenStack Foundation

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