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OpenStack logs Health Validator

Robin Cernin
Hello my OpenStack fellas,

Disclaimer I work for Red Hat as OpenStack support.

As part of my support work for OpenStack I deal with OpenStack logs
everyday and I am always looking for a way to improve the way I work.

Although the way I work is different from what most of the other
people do. Yes I deal with sosreports.

However I believe we have the same ultimate target and that is to
identify the problem. I also believe that we are all using logs for
it. Therefor I would like to know your feedback.

What tool if any are you using for detecting such problems.
If you are not using any tool to automate this, why not?

Having tool which collects all the rules across OpenStack operations.
Meaning when someone run into an issue and fixes it. Submit a patch
and then if someone else in other team runs into the same issue. They
will have already the way to fix it.

This I believe could reduce the time for OpenStack operators to find
the problems and resolve them.

What do you think would help you to work with OpenStack logs smarter
or more efficient way.

Because we like to code a couple of days ago during weekend when I
thought about it. I have written a small tool in bash that I am
adapting to use with sosreports.

However this post is not about the tool I wrote or sosreports.

Still if you are interested in the code of the rough first version.
Feel free to check it here:

Thank you, Feedback is welcome!

Robin Černín

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