[Openstack-announce] OpenStack Announces the Release of Cactus

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[Openstack-announce] OpenStack Announces the Release of Cactus

Stephen Spector
OpenStack Enthusiast:

I am pleased to announce the third release from the OpenStack community,
Cactus. Much of the development and documentation efforts were spent
improving existing features, extending the API and adding support for
popular enterprise technologies to enable enterprises and service  providers
to deploy OpenStack clouds with greater scale and performance. In just 10
weeks since the ?Bexar?  release, more than 4,700 code commits and 40 new
features were added to  the Cactus release from developers at organizations
including Canonical,  Citrix, FathomDB, Grid Dynamics, NTT Group and

?OpenStack provides a solid  software foundation for computing at scale and
we are very excited about  the advancements we are working on with the
community to deliver next  generation cloud networking,? said Lew Tucker,
Cisco CTO for Cloud  Computing.

?As a strong supporter of OpenStack, we believe that cloud consumers  should
have choice,? said Ewan Mellor, Director, OpenStack Engineering,  Datacenter
and Cloud Division, Citrix and elected member of the  OpenStack Project
Policy Board. ?We added support for VMware vSphere to  allow enterprises and
services providers deploying OpenStack the  flexibility to integrate with
legacy technologies and take control of  their cloud strategy.?

More information on Cactus:
* OpenStack Blog -
* OpenStack Press Release -
* OpenStack Webinar ? Tuesday April 19th at 3:00 pm CST
> * Webinar will be taped and made available for viewing from OpenStack.org
> website
To obtain Cactus:
* Nova 2011.2: https://launchpad.net/nova/cactus/2011.2
* Glance 2011.2:https://launchpad.net/glance/cactus/2011.2
* Swift 1.3.0:  https://launchpad.net/swift/1.3/1.3.0
* Release Notes: http://wiki.openstack.org/ReleaseNotes/Cactus
Thank you,

- - -
Stephen Spector, Rackspace
OpenStack Community Manager
stephen.spector at openstack.org
OpenStack Blog <http://openstack.org/blog>  | @opnstk_
<http://twitter.com/opnstk_com_mgr> com <http://twitter.com/opnstk_com_mgr>
_mgr <http://twitter.com/opnstk_com_mgr>
Office  +1 (512) 539-1162 | Mobile +1 (210) 415-0930

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