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Openstack-operators Digest, Vol 3, Issue 4

Ken Pepple
On Jan 27, 2011, at 4:00 AM, openstack-operators-request at wrote:
> I would like some advice before I begin. I have found some docs
> describing installations of Nova using Ubuntu. Is this the prefered
> Linux distro?

Chris -

Today, I would plan on using Ubuntu 10.10. There are packages, specific (well-tested) documentation and almost all the core developers seem to be using it. Grab the ppa dailies on launchpad or install from source with the contrib/novascript.

If you can't use that, the next in line would be RHEL 6. There are packages for it but only a few people on #openstack are using.

I would avoid CentOS until they release CentOS 6. As CentOS 5.5 is still python 2.4 based, you will run into a myriad of dependency issue. I've gone down this path and it is littered with pain.