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Question about path in disk file

Michael Stang


I have a question about the "disk" file from the instances, I searched about it but didn't find any infos.

At the beginning of the file the is a path to the baseimage which was used to create the instance, and I want to knwo what this ist for?

The problem behind is, that we changed the path to the imagecache and some instances denied to start after becaus they could not find the base image anymore. But the other instances didn't have this problem at all. Also I noticed that the info in the disk file ist not updated when the instance is migrated to another host.

So my question is this normal? What is when I migrate the sever to another host with another storage and there is another path to the image cahche?

We use still mitaka at the moment, maybe in a newer version this has already changed?

Thank you :)

Kind regards,


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