Reminder: Project & release status meeting - 21:00 UTC

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Reminder: Project & release status meeting - 21:00 UTC

Thierry Carrez
On the agenda of the Project & release status meeting for today:

One week away from final Grizzly release, each project release status
will be examined: does it need a new RC, and if yes, how far is it from
publishing it ? We'll also look into the release notes and the
preparation for the Design Summit.

Feel free to add extra topics to the agenda:

All Grizzly Project Technical Leads should be present (if you can't make
it, please name a substitute on [1]). Everyone else, including the
newly-elected Havana PTLs, is very welcome to attend.

The meeting will be held at 21:00 UTC on the #openstack-meeting channel
on Freenode IRC. You can look up how this time translates locally at:

See you there,

Thierry Carrez (ttx)
Release Manager, OpenStack

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