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[all] [placement] vm and baremetal forum followup: cross project scheduling

Chris Dent-2

During the forum session on operating the vm and baremetal platform
[1] a survey of the room was taken to determine what current
development efforts were considered a priority by deployers and
operators. "Cross Project Scheduling" got a very high score (line 54
in [1]). A bit later in the forum some notes were taken on why
people care about this (line 346 in [1]). We were able to list a
small number of use cases:

[1] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/BOS-forum-operating-vm-and-baremetal

* Volume affinity
* Network Affinity, booting instances with the correct IP in L3 networks.
   Booting instances on different compute nodes, but all sharing the same TOR.
* Ironic node (anti)affinity (power/rack/tor)
* Better VM anti(affinity) based on compute node tor, power domain.

We'd like to make this longer (if there are, in fact,  additional
use cases) and flesh out the existing items as much as possible, so
input from any operators, deployers, users or other interested
parties is desired. Please follow up here.

This is long term work. Though the placement service is require in
Ocata and doing beneficial work, it has not yet changed what is
possible. Assuming all goes well we'll get some functional changes
in Pike, mostly impacting Nova. Other projects will follow.

For most of these use cases, the new(ish) placement service will
play a major role in their satisfaction. The specs that have helped
to create that service are listed here:

* Generic Resource Pools
* Compute Node Inventory
* Resource Provider Allocations
* Resource Provider Base Models
* Nested Resource Providers
* Custom Resource Classes
* Scheduler Filters in DB
* Scheduler claiming resources to the Placement API
* The Traits API - Manage Traits with ResourceProvider

Thanks for your input.
Chris Dent                  ┬──┬◡ノ(° -°ノ)       https://anticdent.org/
freenode: cdent                                         tw: @anticdent
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