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[charms] Issues with cinder and ceph

Giovanni Santini
Hi everyone,

I am deploying OpenStack using Juju at my workplace.

Everything works well, except the fact cinder is unable to connect to the ceph cluster; it is a bit hard to debug
from my side (I don't have previous Ceph experience) but what I noticed is that:
ceph.conf is practically empty, except for a few logging options
- cinder tries to access a pool using a user when both pool and user do not exist
- cinder tries to contact the monitor node at the DNS name 'ceph-mon' (is it hardcoded?)

I hope I could have some help debugging and solving the issue.

Thanks in advance,


Giovanni Santini
My blog: http://giovannisantini.tk
My code: https://git{hub,lab}.com/ItachiSan

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