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getting started with swift

shashidhar v
Hi ,

Can someone guide me to deploy and test the openstack swift on RHEL5

I am new to this openstack software , I want to test the basic features of
swift and its usage

I have installed the pre-requisites mentioned in the site url :
System Requirements

Swift development currently targets Ubuntu Server 10.04, but should work on
most Linux platforms with the following software:

   - Python 2.6
   - rsync 3.0

And the following python libraries:

   - Eventlet 0.9.8
   - WebOb 0.9.8
   - Setuptools
   - Simplejson
   - Xattr
   - Nose
   - Sphinx
   - netifaces

Now, I want to deploy and test the swift software on a single node , whether
is it possible or not ,   kindly help me

Thanks & Regards,
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