[heat][cinder] How to create stack snapshot including volumes

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[heat][cinder] How to create stack snapshot including volumes

Christian Zunker
Hi List,

I'd like to take snapshots of heat stacks including the volumes.
From what I found until now, this should be possible. You just have to configure some parts of OpenStack.

I enabled cinder-backup with ceph backend. Backups from volumes are working.
I configured heat to include the option backups_enabled = True.

When I use openstack stack snapshot create, I get a snapshot but no backups of my volumes. I don't get any error messages in heat. Debug logging didn't help either.

OpenStack version is Pike on Ubuntu installed with openstack-ansible.
heat version is 9.0.3. So this should also include this bugfix: https://bugs.launchpad.net/heat/+bug/1687006

Is anybody using this feature? What am I missing?

Best regards

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