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 [horizon] Approach for bugs in xstatic packages

Mateusz Kowalski
Hi everyone,

I would like to raise a question about our approach to xstatic packages, more specifically xstatic-roboto-fontface, and its updates/bugfixes. What we have encountered was https://bugs.launchpad.net/horizon/+bug/1671004 what according to our knowledge affects everyone using stable/ocata with Material design (though I get there may not be many operators using this setup).

What I did at the very first was to submit a patch https://review.openstack.org/#/c/443025/ but unfortunately a policy is to take xstatic packages from the upstream in their unchanged form. As I totally understand this, I raised this issue to the upstream package provider in March — https://github.com/choffmeister/roboto-fontface-bower/issues/41. Again, unfortunately, as since then there was no any response I submitted a merge request for this issue — https://github.com/choffmeister/roboto-fontface-bower/pull/47. However, it’s complete openstack-wise, but it does not solve the issue in general (long story short, more than just one file requires patching, but Horizon uses only the one I have patched).

Anyway, seeing no much response for my initial upstream report since March, I don’t have much hope with the merge request I have just submitted. From the other side, any advice on how I can proceed in this particular case would be helpful as I have no any experience in this kind of workflow (bugs in xstatic packages).

Thanks for any suggestions,

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