[nova] Things for next week (8/14-8/18)

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[nova] Things for next week (8/14-8/18)

Matt Riedemann-3
Several cores are on vacation (myself, sdague, bauzas, stephenfin).

RC1 is cut, and we know we have some things for RC2. Those are tracked
at the top of the etherpad here:


dansmith is the only person on the release team that is going to be
around to approve stable/pike backports for RC2:


So all things go through Dan. You were warned.

The deadline for the final release candidate is Thursday 8/24, so we
don't need to tag RC2 next week.

Besides tagging RC2, I'd like to do a release for stable/ocata and
stable/newton soon (around the same time that we tag RC2).

A few of us went through open stable branch reviews today, of which
there were many, and we should be close to flushing things out but need
another +2 on a lot of them:



Again, that's probably going to fall largely on dansmith since several
of the other stable cores [1] aren't around next week, unless we can
poke lyarwood to come out of hiding.

Beyond that, I hope it's quiet. Try and break stuff and find Pike
regressions that should go into RC2. Triage bugs daily to see if
something gets reported. Brush your teeth. Clean your room. Etc.

[1] https://review.openstack.org/#/admin/groups/540,members




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