[pacemaker] Live migration with VirtualDomain resource-agent

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[pacemaker] Live migration with VirtualDomain resource-agent

Murali Annamneni

I'm trying to setup pacemaker for live-migration when a compute node hosting the VM goes down.

So, I created cluster resource for the compute-instance (demo1) with 'VirtualDomain' resource agent.
     >>> pcs resource create demo1 VirtualDomain migrateuri="qemu+tcp://<DestinationCompuNode>:16509/system" config="/etc/pacemaker/demo1.xml" migration_transport="tcp"  meta allow-migrate="true" op start timeout="120s" op stop timeout="180s"

And I manually shutdown the compute node hosting the vm, but, I don't see the migration is happening.
Can someone please help me what I am missing here ?

Thanks & Regards,

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