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[puppet] openstack providers - endpoint not configurable

Justin Cattle

I've been recently working on separating management and client traffic onto different endpoints.  We have different endpoint URLs configured for "public", "admin" and "internal".

For openstack itself, this is working well.  However, puppet providers don't seem to cater for this.

Particularly, right now, I'm looking at the neutron providers, but they may be mostly the same.  It always uses the public endpoint, and doesn't seem configurable [ unless I'm missing something ].
All the client config for auth etc is sourced from neutron.conf, and I can't see a way of specifying endpoint type via that mechanism.

I can change the provider like this, and it all works:

diff --git a/lib/puppet/provider/neutron.rb b/lib/puppet/provider/neutron.rb
index a55fa0b..786e64d 100644
--- a/lib/puppet/provider/neutron.rb
+++ b/lib/puppet/provider/neutron.rb
@@ -75,14 +75,16 @@ correctly configured.")
         :OS_AUTH_URL    => q['identity_uri'],
         :OS_USERNAME    => q['admin_user'],
         :OS_TENANT_NAME => q['admin_tenant_name'],
-        :OS_PASSWORD    => q['admin_password']
+        :OS_PASSWORD    => q['admin_password'],
+        :OS_ENDPOINT_TYPE => 'internal',
       authenv = {
         :OS_AUTH_URL    => q['auth_url'],
         :OS_USERNAME    => q['username'],
         :OS_TENANT_NAME => q['tenant_name'],
-        :OS_PASSWORD    => q['password']
+        :OS_PASSWORD    => q['password'],
+        :OS_ENDPOINT_TYPE => 'internal',
     if q.key?('nova_region_name')

Notice, I'm adding OS_ENDPOINT_TYPE to control the endpoint that selected from the catalogue.

I want to keep the "public" endpoints for external clients only on the external network, the "internal" endpoints for inter service API comms on the management network, and the "admin" endpoints for admin operations on the management network.

In particular, I want to be able to stop advertising the public endpoints during maintenance windows, and still be able to run puppet!

Can anyone think of a way of overcoming this?

If it's not possible through config, is there some way I can drop in my own provider version with the same name safely ?

Anything else I'm missing?



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