[qa] Bug Triage and Integrated gate issue categorisation

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[qa] Bug Triage and Integrated gate issue categorisation

Andrea Frittoli
Hello folks,

The QA team triage duty [0] has no-one assigned for the rest 
of the cycle (except for one week), we could really use some volunteers.

I'm also introducing a new rota for integrated gate issue categorisation [1].
The idea is to stay on top of the categorisation of issues, so that bugs are
filed, identified in reviews and can be triaged and solved by the relevant

If you're new to OpenStack QA / CI this is a great opportunity to get
started, I'm happy to offer mentorship to anyone who would like to give
this a try.

Just add your IRC nick (and name if you want) in one of the etherpad
and reach out to the QA team in #openstack-qa if you have any question
and/or need guidance.

Thank you!

Andrea (andreaf)

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